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Принятые работы

  1. On the (im)possibility of ElGamal blind signatures
    Liliya Akhmetzyanova, Evgeny Alekseev, Alexandra Babueva, Stanislav Smyshlyaev
  2. sMGM: parameterizable AEAD-mode
    Liliya Akhmetzyanova, Evgeny Alekseev, Alexandra Babueva, Andrey Bozhko, Stanislav Smyshlyaev
  3. Related-key attacks on the compression function of Streebog
    Vitaly Kiryukhin
  4. On subfunctions of self-dual bent functions
    Aleksandr Kutsenko
  5. Keyed Streebog is a secure PRF and MAC
    Vitaly Kiryukhin
  6. Two Lempel-Ziv goodness-of-fit criterions for nonequiprobable random binary sequences
    Vasiliy Kruglov
  7. On some algebraic aspects of heuristic algorithms for constructing cryptographically strong S-Boxes
    Alejandro Freyre Echevarría, Oliver Coy Puente, Reynier Antonio de la Cruz Jiménez
  8. Effective algorithm to compute guaranteed number of activations in XS-circuits and it's application to the cipher design
    Denis Parfenov, Aleksandr Bakharev, Aleksandr Kutsenko, Aleksandr Belov, Natalia Atutova
  9. On differential characteristics modulo 2^n of the composition of bitwise exclusive-or and a bit rotation
    Nikolay Kolomeec, Ivan Sutormin, Denis Bykov, Matvey Panferov, Tatiana Bonich
  10. Proper Families of Functions and Their Applications
    Alexei Galatenko, Valentin Nosov, Anton Pankratiev, Kirill Tsaregorodtsev
  11. Experimental study of NIST Statistical Test Suite ability to detect long repetitions in binary sequences
    Andrei Zubkov, Aleksandr Serov
  12. Entropically secure cipher for messages generated by Markov chains with unknown statistics
    Boris Ryabko
  13. On the question of nonlinearity of vectorial functions over finite fields
    Vladimir Ryabov
  14. Solving some cryptanalytic problems for lattice-based cryptosystems with quantum annealing method
    Ivan Lysakov