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Monday 6.06

13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.30 Registration
14.30-14.40 Vladimir Sachkov. Welcome speech
14.40-16.10 Design and analysis of cryptographic mechanisms I
14.40-15.20 Xiaoyun Wang. Bit Cryptanalysis on symmetric ciphers (Invited talk)
15.20-15.45 Dmitry Burov, Boris Pogorelov. The influence of linear mapping reducibility on  choice of round constant
15.45-16.10 Alexandr Semenov. Analysis of the Russian key-agreement protocols using automated verification tools
16.10-16.35 Coffee break
16.35-17.10 Quantum cryptography and technologies I (invited speakers from RQC)
16.35-16.50 Alexey Fedorov, Post-processing platform for industrial quantum key distribution setup (invited talk)
16.50-17.10 Yury Kurochkin, Vladimir Kurochkin, Andrey Masyukov, Alexandr Miller, Vadim Radimin, Quantum Key Distribution In Optical Fiber Carriers (Invited talk)
17.10-17.15 Track change
17.15-18.05 Design and analysis of cryptographic mechanisms II
17.15-17.40 Evgeniy Alekseev, Igor Oshkin, Stanislav Smyshlyaev, Lolita Sonina, Liliya Ahmetzyanova. On the properties of the CTR encryption mode of the Magma and Kuznyechik block ciphers with re-keying method based on CryptoPro Key Meshing
17.40-18.05 Alexey Nesterenko. A New Authenticated Encryption Mode For Arbitrary Block Cipher Based On Universal Hash Function
18.30-20:30 Welcome party


Tuesday 7.06

09.30-11.10 Probablistic aspects of cryptography and steganography 09.30-11.25 Algebraic aspects of cryptography
09.30-09.55 Andrey Ivanov. On the distribution of the minimal distance between the numbers of the outcomes of the equiprobable urn scheme 09.30-09.55 Reyner Antonio de la Cruz, Oleg Kamlovsky. On some properties of Walsh coefficients of boolean functions
09.55-10.20 Alexandr Serov. Images of finite set under iterations of two random dependent mappings 09.55-10.20 Sergey Katyshev, Andrey Zyazin. Necessary conditions for commutativity of right powers in finite-dimensional algebras over a field
10.20-10.45 Artem Volgin. The Square Root Law in the Problem of Detection Embeddings in Markov Chains With Unknown Transition Probabilities Matrix 10.20-10.45 Anton Baryshnikov, Sergey Katyshev. Key agreement schemes based on linear groupoids
10.45-11.10 Yuriy Kharin, Egor Vecherko. Statistical inferences on embeddings in steganography 10.45-11.10 Mikhail Goltvanitca. Non-commutative  Hamilton-Cayley's Theorem and roots of characteristic polynomials of skew maximal period linear recurrences  over Galois rings
11.10-11.40 Coffee break 11.10-11.25  Sergey Zaitsev. On transformations, decreasing linear complexity of MP LRS
11.25-11.40 Coffee break
11.40-13.20 The future of asymmetric cryptography
11.40-12.20 Igor Semaev. Decomposition Attacks on the Elliptic curve Discrete Logarithm Problem (Invited talk)
12.20-12.40 Claus Diem. A sceptical view on decomposition attacks (Invited talk)
12.40-13.10 Panel discussion
13.10-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 Design and analysis of cryptographic mechanisms III
14.00-14.40 Markku-Yuhani Olavi Saarinen, Towards quantum resistant cryptography standards (invited talk)
14.40-15.05 Sergey Lozhkin, Mikhail Shupletsov, Boris Danilov. Synthesis of Asymptotically Size-Optimal Boolean Circuits Protected from Functionality Inference
15.05-15.30 Sergey Agievich, Vadim Marchuk, Alexandr Maslau, Vlad Semenov. Bash-f: another LRX sponge function
15.30-15.55 Coffee break
15.55-17.10 TC26 open day I (Panel discussion "Requirements for cryptodevices")
17.10-17.15 Track change
17.15-18.30 TC26 open day II (Panel discussion "Cryptography for IoT")
19.00-21.00 Gala dinner


Wednesday 8.06

10.00-11.05 Quantum cryptography and technologies II
10.00-10.15 Anton Trushechkin, Quantum cryptography with pseudorandom bases and the problem of quantum state discrimination (Invited talk)
10.15-10.40 Igor Arbekov. Practical security criterion
10.40-11.05 Dmitry Kronberg. Error correction in quantum cryptography using LPDC-codes
11.05-11.30 Coffee break
11.30-12.25 Design and analysis of cryptographic mechanisms IV
11.30-11.55 Andrey Menyachikhin. Spectral-linear and spectral-difference methods for generating  cryptographically strong S-boxes
11.55-12.10 Mikhail Borodin, Andrey Rybkin, Alexey Urivskiy. Collision Probability for a PRNG Based on Block Ciphers
12.10-12.25 Mikhail Borodin and Ivan Chizhov. Cryptanalysis of the McEliece PKC based on (k-1)-Reed-Muller subcodes
12.25-12.30 Track change
12.30-13.30 Rump-session (5 minutes talks)
13.30-14.30 Lunch
14.30-17.30 Sightseeing program